Gan-Fonadhoo set to achieve city status soon, says tourism minister

Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal has said Laamu Gan-Fonadhoo will soon be upgraded to city status.

The minister's father, Abdul Raheem Abdulla was elected to the Fonadhoo seat in the 20th Parliamentary Election held last week.

Speaking at a celebratory event honoring his father, Abdul Raheem Abdulla, who secured the Fonadhoo seat in the recent 20th Parliamentary Election, Minister Faisal said Gan-Fonadhoo would reach high heights of development and become a full-fledged city during President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's five-year term. He confidently said that Gan-Fonadhoo would elect a mayor instead of councilors in the upcoming local council election.

Faisal said the government would provide the necessary facilities to transform Gan-Fonadhoo into a city. He revealed plans for the development of four tourist resorts in Laamu Atoll under the "One Island" concept, with lease agreements set to be finalized with a Dubai-based company within the week.