Swimming elections on May 18, zero competition!

Elections of the Swimming Association have been scheduled for the 18th of this month, with eight contestants vying for seven positions.

Mohamed Abdu Sattaar will be contesting for the position of Association President. Long time General Secretary and Current Vice President Ismail Ali will be again contesting for his seat. Ali Shameem is to contest for the position of Treasurer, while Ahmed Fayaz will be contesting as representative from the clubs. All the above, will be re-contesting for their current positions, with no competition.

Adil Rasheed, Hassaan Siraar, Mohamed Sameer and Yameen Faisal Ibrahim will be contesting for the three individual member representative positions.

Seventy three individuals will vote in the elections, including Realty Sports, Teenage Boys, Maldives Life Guard Association, Naad Sports and New Lagoons Swimming Club.