Vacations Expo

Free holidays from the Vacation Expo!

Highrise has said that the "Vacations Expo" will provide many free holidays to participants.

The "Vacations Expo" aims to show case the various holiday options both in the Maldives and abroad and is the first travel fair in the country.

Highrise Director Sales and Marketing Ismail Hameed (Highrise Isse) said major airline operating companies in the country are taking part in the fair. He added that vacation planning opportunities will also be carried out.

"From this expo, many new opportunities will rise. Internal tourism options, packages as well. By visiting the Expo visitors can earn free trips to Europe, resort packages," Isse said.

"Vacations Expo" will be held from August 4 - 6 in National Art Gallery. The signing for the Expo was held in Hotel Jen yesterday. Inner Maldives Holidays is the main sponsor of the Expo, with MMPRC, MATATO, LAM and Maldives National Chamber of Commerce signing as endorsement partners.

Isse said the expo was to promote the Maldives as a destination.

"Vacations Expo is the second product released by Highrise to market the country. But this is the first exhibition brand. Before we the Sounds of Maldives to market the destination," Isse said.

He added that promotional activities were carried out in Singapore as well.

"We have begun promotional activities for the event, additional activities will follow," Isse said.

Vacations Expo partners

  • Associate Partner MV Hotels
  • Associate Partner Catch Hotels
  • TV Partner PSM
  • Online News Partner Avas
  • Online Travel Media Partner Maldives.netmv
  • Publications Partner Guest House of Maldives
  • Catering Partner Hotel Jen
  • Photography Partner Asad Photography
  • Logistics Partner Asia Forwarding

MMPRC CEO Mohamed Hamzeel said in the press conference, that the expo was taking place in the Visit Maldives Year and that they were excited to the partners of the expo.