Another casualty reported from dengue

A woman being treated for dengue has passed away.

The deceased was a 61 year old woman. Speaking to Avas, IGMH Media Coordinator Zeenath Ali Habeeb said the woman had passed away around 8.30pm. She said the patient was admitted on the 21st of this month and that the patient was in critical condition.

"She was critical even when she was admitted. She died within 24 hours being admitted. She died in the ICU," Zeenath said. She had not revealed the identity of the deceased.

There has been a sharp spike in dengue cases across the country. An elderly person, a baby and a woman had died from dengue.

A total of 542 cases had been reported, with 179 cases reported from Male' and 363 cases from the atolls.

The government had signed a million rufiyaa project on dengue awareness.