Sheraton Maldives Tea House: a perfect blend of East, West

When it comes to tea, Male' has really limited choices, apart from black and various prepackaged flavors and infusions one does not have much variety when it comes to teas. I developed a deeper appreciation for tea when I was in China last year. So when the Sheraton Tea House opening came about, I cancelled all the plans that I had made for Thursday evening and boarded the launch to go to the resort.

Our Dhivehi readers would have, by now read the feature we did on the Tea House; I'm the partner moving at hermit crab speed. I apologize; but in my defense I have short legs. You can read Maahaa's review below.

A short ride later we were in Sheraton. For a soft opening, the place was abuzz with people, sampling food and tasting the many variety of teas; both cold and hot. In between sampling the different varieties of dimsum, an array of pastries and tea I was in heaven. Male's hectic life, cramped spaces became a distant memory.

An equal balance of Asian and Western influences, the Tea House used to be a traditional English pub. Times change and to reflect these changes and to cater to a wider market the pub was changed to the Tea House we see today.

In spite of the large crowd at the opening, the atmosphere was very welcoming. The staff, especially the energetic F&B Manager Rashwan Ibrahim, gave a brief introduction to the various teas and the Tea House.

Rashwan had personally selected all the teas. He actually spent two whole months just sampling teas prior to finalizing the menu at the Tea House. I was wowed by his dedication to his field.

Both Maahaa and I agreed that the matcha green tea was the best out of all the teas we got to sample. We loved the dimsum so much, one of the hostesses actually left the plate on our table and told us to really enjoy it. And we did.

The close proximity to Male' and the warm welcome makes this the ideal spot for a relaxing chill out for the weekend.