Biodiversity Action Plan launched

Environment Ministry has launched the Biodiversity Action Plan, which focuses on protection of species and natural ecosystems. Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim officially launched the plan.

In 1993, Maldives participated in the Biodiversity and in 2002, first NBSAP was launched in the year 2002. In that strategy, no action plan was included. In this strategy, six strategies and 26 targets were included.

Minister Thoriq said the strategic action plan was divided into two parts. The first part of the plan sets six strategies and 26 targets. Under the first part activities, focal points and indicators for the targets have been set. The second part of the strategy sets implementation measures and resource allocation for the strategies.

Six strategies of NBSAP

1. Strengthening strategies and governance policies on biodiversity
2. Strategies on raising awareness and capacity building
3. Working internationally and with partner nations on protecting biodiversity
4. Sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources
5. Addressing environment challenges
6. Mange information databases on biodiversity and resource allocation for achieving strategy

Environment Ministry had recently declared that two additional zones will be deemed as protected areas under the Government's initiative to protect natural resources. The Ministry said work was underway to declare Maldives as a biosphere reserve and to properly inspect and protect the areas deemed as protected.