Vacations Expo

Sunland's Journey Package: free trips to three destinations!

Sunland Journey has offered free packages to three nations, including Maldives, as part of the Vacations Expo to begin today in the National Art Gallery.

An official of Sunland Journey reported to Avas that visitors to the Vacations Expo will have the chance to win tour packages to Pukhet, Malaysia, Singapore and Addu.

"Visit our booth, fill a coupon and enter the raffle. A special quiz will also be run in the booth," the official said.

The Pukhet trip will give the winner a chance to go to Thailand via Bangkok Airways, a four-day trip for two persons. The Malaysia trip will send two persons to the nation via Sri Lankan Airways for four days. Another two persons will have the chance to go to Singapore for four days on Singapore Airline. Two lucky visitors will have a four day stay in Addu.

Sunland Journey is a ticketing agent for many airlines, including Bangkok Airways, Singapore Airline and Sri Lankan.

The Vacations Expo will be held from the 4th to the 6th of this month.