PPM asks to expedite Ethics case reviews

PPM Office has requested the Ethics Committee to expedite the review of the cases filed to the Committee regarding five members of the Party's PG.

Cases had been filed against PG Leader and Vilimale' Constituency MP Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik, Fonadhoo Constituency MP Abdu Raheem Abdullah, Naifaru Constituency MP Ahmed Shiyam, Kelaa Constituency MP Ali Arif and Hulhudhoo Constituency MP Mohamed Shahid. Two cases had been filed against Fonadhoo Constituency MP Abdu Raheem Abdullah.

PPM Deputy SG Abdul Aleem on Sunday said that the cases were sent to the Committee last month and that Party laws dictate that the Committee Chair must be informed within 24 hours of submission to the Committee. Additionally, the laws also state that all cases must be reviewed within a week.

Aleem added that the Committee is yet to reveal a decision on the case and said that he had requested the Committee to send the details of the case.

While this case is under internal review, Civil Court is currently reviewing a case regarding PPM as well.