Ilham Ahmed

MP Ilham joins PPM

Member of Parliament for Dhangethi Constituency, Ilham Ahmed has announced his decision to leave Jumhooree Party (JP) and join ruling Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM). Up until his decision to join PPM, Ilham was serving as Deputy Leader at JP. A senior official of President Yameen's faction of PPM informed "Avas" that Ilham decided to leave Jumhooree Party on his own accord, to help President Yameen with his development projects, both in and out of the Parliament.

Ilham was a Deputy Leader of PPM before joining Jumhooree Party. And he was also one of the first five leading members in the creation of PPM.

"Ilham decided to join PPM to give support to President Yameen's effort, and to move forward with President Yameen," the senior official stated.

Ilham also played a pivotal role in forming the coalition between PPM and JP in the Presidential election. And while sitting in parliament as a member of Jumhooree Party, he had always cooperated with the President and has shown support for President Yameen's policies.