Minister Irthishaam to World Sports Forum

The Maldivian Youth and Sports Minister Irthishaam Ahmed is to participate in the World Sports Forum held in Japan.

The Minister said at the press conference held today at the Youth Ministry that participating in the Forum with the Youth Ministers from over 36 other nations will be a big step forward in the effort to develop the field of sports in the Maldives.

Minister Irthishaam said that she is set to speak with officials of the Japanese Sports Ministry about improving the quality of the youth and sports in Maldives.

"We will meet senior officials of Japan and we will meet officials and Sports Ministers of other nations and this will provide us with a great opportunity to talk about training Maldivian youth and athletes," the Minister said.

Minister Irthishaam is also set to speak at this event. "We get the chance to speak at the Ministerial Multicultural Meeting. I will be delivering the statement on behalf of the Maldives," the Minister said.

She also stated that she will highlight the important topics in other segments dedicated to sports and culture and that she will ask for help in development of those areas.

While the Minister travels to Japan for three days for the Forum that starts tomorrow, Irthishaam also said that she will request for help in preparing Maldives for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics