Maldives Investment Forum to begin in India with 400 firms

  • Major Maldivian businesses taking part
  • Forum will start Monday
  • Major Indian businesses are also taking part

The Economic Minister has said that 400 Maldivian and Indian companies will be taking part in the Maldives Investment Forum set to start in India this Monday.

Economic Executive Coordinator Ibrahim Yusuf told 'Avas' that some major Indian companies are among the 400 taking part in this forum,

"Some major names have already been registered, and more are predicted to register as well," Ibrahim said.

The forum being held in New Dhelhi will be held on the 21st and 22nd of November. A gala dinner will be held on the 21st, and the official conference is set to take place on the 22nd. Ibrahim said officials of major Maldivian businesses will also be taking part in this years forum.

"Major Maldivian businesses will also take part in this fair," Ibrahim said.

Over 200 Maldivian businesses are set to take part in this forum. The head of the Maldivian delegation will be Vice President Abdulla Jihad. The lead Indian official will be the Indian Commerce Minister.

This years forum is being held alongside the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This organisation has over 200,000 registered member companies. This forum is organised by the government to showcase all the investment opportunities in the Maldives. The forum has previously been held in China as well as Singapore.