Maldives Investment Forum lures major Indian interest

Indian involvement has always been instrumental in Maldivian efforts. The major Indian involvement in the Investment Forum set to start in New Dhelhi later Monday has been much welcome. Many high profile Indian businessmen and officials are set to take part in this forum, along with Indian Commerce Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman

"India and Maldives has always had a close relationship. President Abdulla Yameen and Prime Minister Modi's governments have strengthened this relationship," Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed said during a press conference held at the Ashoka Hotel in New Dhelhi.

Minister Saeed had traveled to India and met with the Indian Commerce Minister in preparation of this forum.

Saeed also said that India and Maldives had always had a close relationship since the earliest times and that this relationship will only grow stronger.

The Investment Forum being held this year is going to be held with the aid of India's largest business organisation, the India Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

India's largest companies are members of this organisation.

This year's forum will be held in the New Delhi Taj Hotel. The gala dinner of the forum will be held on tonight. The forum will officially start on Tuesday morning 9:30 AM Indian Time.