Maldives seaplane service linked to investment forum

  • Forum advertises investment
  • Business connections have grown stronger
  • This years forum predicted to be as successful

Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed has stated that the Maldivian Seaplane service was launched due to the success of the previous investment forums.

Speaking at the New Dhelhi Ashoka Hotel, Minister Saeed said regarding tomorrow's investment forum that the forum will open many opportunities, saying that the national airline's seaplane services began with the forum held two years ago in Singapore. He said that many such opportunities will be presented to businesses.

"I would say the forum where investment opportunities were presented to the Chinese market was the investment forum held in Singapore. This forum revealed the nature of President Abdulla Yameen's economic transformation. These forums strengthened the trust of the investors," Minister Saeed said.

Maldivian has built up a fleet of seven seaplanes after launching the service, and have five resorts on it's route.

Opportunities presented by these forums

Minister Saeed has said that the forums reveal the profit of investing in the Maldives to foreign investors.

"It reveals that there is an environment for this in the Maldives, such as the covering of an investment made in the Maldives within seven years. Many such information is revealed through these forums. We are making foreign free trade agreements. We are connecting the outside world with these opportunities," Saeed said.

Giving an example, the Minister said that Coca Cola is famous international brand, but that it is still one of the biggest advertisers, and so the Maldives must continue advertising like this as well.

"Coke is one of the biggest spenders on marketing. So why not Maldives? Why cant Maldives advertise investment opportunities?" Saeed said.

The Minister said that it is not only Indian companies taking part in the forum but Middle Eastern ones as well.

"Maldives has areas such as real estate and renewable energy. Communication and transportation is there as well. This forum will reveal such investment chances," Saeed said.

The first investment forum was held in 2014 in Singapore. The second forum was held in Beijing, China. The third forum will officially start this Tuesday in New Delhi, India.