'Maldives health sector headed towards a revolution' says pres

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom Sunday said the Maldives health sector is rapidly moving towards a revolution and that Maldivians are already reaping the benefits of the changes.

At the ceremony held in the government owned Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) Sunday to introduce the several new state of the art upgrades, President Yameen said the country's health sector, especially IGMH has experienced pleasant and welcome changes in the past three years.

The President noted the new upgrades and the new logo mark as the beginning of a new era in the hospital's history.

The President stated that looking back on the improvement the hospital has seen in the past three years reveals the respect held for the medical field by the members of the current governing board. He also said that the government will multiply the investment to the medical field.

"From the hospital Governor, Deputy Governor and other members of the board, we see the priority they have given to this field. If the work is done with the same interest given to personal matters, than the results will come at this speed. The doctors and other staff can only work to their full potential with the energy provided by a good management," President Yameen said.

Speaking on the targets set for the health sector, President Yameen said that this year's budget alone has a sum of MVR 3.3 billion set aside for the field. He informed that MVR 2 billion of that budget would be spent on the development of IGMH and that this would continue to benefit Maldivians for generations to come.

"Any amount spent on this field is something I would view as a positive investment. We get results from this and it is evident when looking at the health of the people. Just looking at Aasandha or the difficulties incurred by the people who have to travel abroad for treatment shows the importance of services like this being made available in the Maldives," the President said.

The President also noted that the upgrades are being brought to IGMH after viewing the conditions for which most Maldivians have to travel abroad. The President said that the future of IGMH looks bright, and that many new facilities will be available next year as well.

"Our budget has set aside the amount required for all the machinery that will be needed once the new building has been completed. With the completion of the building, not only will diagnostic be available but many other facilities as well. New departments will be established. A department related to lung diseases is currently in the works as well," The President stated.

The President has given the assurance that the government will work endlessly to make IGMH one of the best hospitals in the region. The President said that improving IGMH is important to the health of the Maldivian people. He stated that everyone is susceptible to sickness, and that the treatment must be available from home soil.

The President also gave the assurance that the wages and education of those working in the medical field would improve as well. He called for all the employees in the health sector to see their work as public and national service and to their work to the best of their abilities.