Maldives free runners shine alongside Red Bull legend Jason

Free running is a popular sport throughout the world, though it may not share the same popularity within the Maldives. However, there are a number of Maldivian youth who's love for this sport bands them together to practise it on Maldivian streets. Due to not receiving the required support, these talented Maldivian youths have gone largely unnoticed.

However, their talents were showcased in a video that was uploaded to YouTube around a week ago. Jason Paul, a free runner sponsored by Red Bull, a company known for it's promotion of unorthodox athletes, displayed his talents in Maldives alongside Maldivian free runners.

Jason Paul, who has been camping in and free running in the Maldives for the past week is a renown and highly talented athlete, winning numerous free running awards since the year 2009. The German athlete was sponsored by Red Bull in 2005.

Jason Paul is doing his free running in the Maldives alongside Maldivian crew, MVPK.

Alongside this crew, Jason has uploaded many videos to his Facebook and YouTube accounts perfectly showcasing the Maldivian environment. These videos were shot in Male', Hulhumale' and Villimale'.

The first choice of location for him was the skate park, located in the Artificial Beach of Male'. In the same video, he travels to Hulhumale' and Villimale' with the Maldivian free runners crew. He displayed his talents at the famous Villimale' tower, and taught some of his moves to the Maldivian free runners, encouraging them to continue forward on their path. Jason had highly praised the Maldivian free runners who featured in his videos.

He stated that he felt happiness in the fact that these Maldivian youngsters were so wholeheartedly pursuing their passions despite the lack of support for the sport. Jason further said that the best quality of Maldivians were the never ending smiles on their faces.

His second video displayed his talents on the boats docked in front of the Male' local market. This video has captured the attention of many, as Jason had fearlessly traversed from one boat to the next.

Two Maldivian free runners were also featured in this video alongside Jason.

Jason's third video featured Villimale' as well. This video was dedicated to the talented Maldivian free runner, Zumo. The first part of this video shows Jason and the Maldivian free runners tremendous talents in the Villimale' MVPK spot. The second part features the egging of Zumo in celebration of his birthday. Jason, who also took part in this event, found this practise extremely exciting. Jason displayed his talents in Hulhumale' as well.

In an exclusive interview Jason gave to 'Avas' before he departed Maldives, he said that Maldives was a country he had always wanted to visit, and that Maldives was a beautiful country. He said that the best quality of the Maldivians was their closeness to the sea. He also noted that the Maldivian weather was more pleasant than the weather of his native Germany. Out of all the spots he practised in the Maldives, Jason found Villimale' most to his liking, citing it's calm peacefulness as the reason. Jason has said that this a future for this sport in the Maldives, saying that the Maldivian free runners were extremely talented and had the potential to shine in the future.

MVPK board members reported to 'Avas' that they have learned a lot from Jason's trip, and that his discipline and talent were an inspiration to aspiring free runners.

MVPK has graciously thanked both Jason and the Maldivian Red Bull crew. They inform that Red Bull are the ones who give the largest support for this cause in the Maldives. Their wish is for a community to develop within this sport in the Maldives and for the sport to gain more recognition.