Maldives to hold delayed council polls on April 8

Maldives' electoral watchdog Sunday decided to hold the court delayed local council elections on April 8.

The civil court had postponed the council polls originally slated for January 14 by two months.

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) filed the case seeking to delay the upcoming council polls by two months citing that the ongoing rift within the party had impeded its preparations for the elections slated for January 14.

Elections Commission deputy chief Amjad Musthafa told reporters that with the new date, the polls would be re-opened for candidatures.

During the press conference, commission member Ahmed Akram said the previous candidatures have been annulled and everyone would now be required to re-submit their respective candidature.

Voters must also re-register, while already registered observers and monitors would stand but the window for new ones would be re-opened, Akram explained.

Musthafa said the commission would take into account the recent amendment to the political party law which bans primary losers from contesting in any election.

Elections commission would open for candidatures from Monday until February 6.

Voting will take place between 8am and 4pm with the final results slated to be announced on April 17.