Iran beats Maldives, Nepal to secure second round spot

Iran has won the volleyball Central Zone Qualifying for the World Women's Championship, and have travelled to the second round of qualifying.

Iran achieved victory over the Maldivian team in the last match of the tournament in three straight sets.

Iran took the first set with ease, 4-25. The second set ended with 12-25, and the final set was taken by Iran 15-25.

Nepal lost it's match with Iran with all the sets ending 12-25, in Iran's favour.

Only the top team of each zone will travel to the second round of qualifying. The second round, which will be played in two different pools, is set to be held towards the end of the year.

Only the top two teams of the pools will be taking part in the tournament which will be played in Japan next year.

While Japan has automatically qualified for the tournament as the host country, winner of the previous World Championships, the USA and winner of the South American Volley Championship, Brazil.