Coca Cola TFG Long Run on April 14

The Coca Cola Long Run, organised annually by the Total Fitness Group (TFG), has been announced for April 14th.

Applications to the marathon will be available till the 31st of next month. The race will be held divided into 4 categories.

Categories included in the Marathon:

  • Full 42 kilometer run
  • Half Marathon 21 kilometer run
  • 10.5 kilometer run
  • 5 kilometer run

The 42 kilometer run is set to start at dawn of April 13th, at 3:30 AM.

The half marathon will start at 6:20 AM, and the 10.5 kilometer run will begin on 7:20 AM. The five kilometer run will start last, at 8:20 AM.

The marathon will accept runners of all ages, with online registration available as well.