HDC doubles prize money for Futsal Cup

The prize money has been doubled for the Housing Development Corporation's (HDC) Futsal Cup.

HDC has decided to award a staggering MVR140,000 as the prize money of the cup which will start on the 24th of this month.

The money will be divided with MVR80,000 going to the winning team, MVR40,000 to the runner up and MVR20,000 to the fair play team.

HDC explained the decision saying that the added incentive was down to the teams putting much effort into training for the cup which will be held later this month.

A total of MVR55,000 had been previously set as the prize amount, with MVR30,000 to the victors, MVR15,000 to the runner ups and MVR10,000 to the fair play team.

A total of 110 teams have signed up for the tournament.

HDC inform the reason for holding the tournament as giving the Maldivian youth something to unite for, and develop better connections with each other. HDC have stated that it hoped the relations between those living in Hulhumale' would improve after the tournament.