Maldives' TC hopeful of semi-final berth

The Coach of TC Sports Club, Mohamed Nizam states that TC will be heading towards Monday's match against Kyrgyzstan's Alga Bishkek with hopes of reaching the semi finals.

The match between former Kyrgyzstan league champions and TC Sports Club will be played at 6:00 PM local time.

In the message sent by Nizam to Maldivian media regarding the match, he said that TC will be heading into the match knowing that FC Alga is a strong team, but confident of coming away with a positive result.

FC Alga lost its first match in the tournament 2-0 against FC Pocheon of South Korea.

"As FC Alga had lost their previous match. That mean they will be heading into this match with only victory on their mind, so the team will play harder. We are telling the players that this match will not be easy, and that TC have to put in an extra effort to reach the semi-finals," Nizam said.

TC have won its previous encounter in the tournament against Bangladesh champions, FC Abahani.

Abahani will be facing FC Pocheon later Monday, shortly before the match between TC and FC Alga.