Nepal ends title hopes for Maldives in Volley Tournament

Nepal has brought an end to the Maldivian dream of becoming champions in the Central Zone Men's Volleyball Tournament currently ongoing in Male.

The Maldivian team faced another loss in the tournament with three sets to one. The first Maldivian match had also ended in defeat at the hands of Kyrgyzstan.

Maldives had seen a relatively good start to the match taking the first set 25-23; however Nepal made a stunning comeback and took the second set 26-28.

Both teams pushed themselves to win the third set and take the lead - but Nepal eventually managed to come through and take the set 31-33.

Maldivian players exhibited a lukewarm performance in the fourth and final set of the match, with the set ending 19-25 in Nepal's favour with little Maldivian resistance.

Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan will be facing off in the next match of the Central Zone Men's Volleyball Tournament.