Tree Top Hospital to open in August

Tree Top Investments, the joint venture by Casa Holdings, Champa Brothers as well as Kuredhoo Holdings, has informed that the Tree Top Hospital currently in development in the reclaimed suburb Hulhumale will be ready for opening by August this year.

The announcement was made during the press conference held on Monday after the visit by the Health Minister Abdulla Nizam to observe the current progress at the hospital.

The result of a USD90 million investment, the Tree Top Hospital was initially set to be opened during the second quarter of this year.

Health Minister Nazim addressed the public as well at the press conference, stating that numerous new services would be opened to the public with the new hospital and said that the hospital was connected to the hopes of the Maldivians.

"This hospital is connected to the dreams of the Maldivian people. This hospital opens up many new services and will bring much change to the health sector of the country," minister said.

The Tree Top Hospital will provide open heart surgery for the first time in the Maldives and will provide countless other world class health services. The hospital will be a fully automated hospital and will be connected to various other Tree Top Hospitals across the globe.

The multi specialty hospital will house 200 beds, and will be equipped with revolutionary facilities for the Maldives.

An emergency power system and a restaurant will also be placed inside the six storey hospital building in Hulhumale.