Staff dies in powerhouse fire

A staff was killed in a fire that broke out in the powerhouse of Gaaf Dhaal Fiyoaree island on Friday.

The powerhouse technician identified as 26 year old Nazid Abdulla was believed to have died in the fire while trying to restore electricity after a power outage.

An island resident told Avas that the power outage occurred during Friday prayers. Worshipers had headed down to the powerhouse to find Nazid with severe burn injuries. The man had died even before he was rushed to the island's health centre, according to the resident.

State owned utilities company Fenaka which runs the powerhouse said the fire was caused after the battery set of the 250 kilowatt generator had exploded.

Fenaka's deputy human resource director Idrees Abdulla said the primary cables had been damaged in the fire but said the cause of the battery set explosion was yet to be determined.

According to Idrees, Nazid was found near the battery set which led the company to believe that he was killed while trying to restore electricity after a power outage.

Police are now investigating the incident.