Pres urges football clubs to prioritize national pride

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has stated that along with competition at club level, all clubs must make national pride their main priority.

At a meeting held Wednesday, President had appealed to all First Division football clubs of Maldives to work together towards achieving the SAARC championship within the next three years, stressing the importance of making national pride their main priority, along with competition at club level.

The meeting, held at President’s office, was attended by senior officials of the Football Association of Maldives, President of Olympic Committee, senior representatives from Maldives’ first division football clubs, and senior officials from State Companies sponsoring the clubs.

Speaking at the meeting, President Yameen stated that the Administration's aim was to aid the development of footballers in order to create a competitive environment for national selection, noting the Administration’s commitment to achieving this goal and building a future generation of talented football players.

President Yameen had highlighted that the decision to assign club sponsorship to State companies was made ad a step to assist in relieving the financial issues faced by the football clubs.

At the meeting, the first division clubs had presented a plaque of appreciation to the president, marking his commitment towards the advancement of the sport.