Immigration deflects refusal to lift Gasim’s travel ban

Immigration department on Monday stated that opposition Jumhoory Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim’s travel ban had not been lifted due to a pre-existing court order.

Immigration however, did not disclose the duration and reason for the travel ban on Gasim who is now in intensive care at the privately-run ADK hospital.

Gasim was admitted in hospital earlier Sunday hours before he was scheduled to be in court over three separate criminal charges.

JP secretary general Ahmed Sameer confirmed that Gasim had been admitted in Medica Hospital after feeling dizzy and nauseous.

"He [Gasim] came to office around 12.30pm before he was to go to court at 2.00pm. But in the car he said he was feeling dizzy and nauseous. So we rushed him to Medica," Sameer had said.

The Maamigili lawmaker's family had decided to send him to Singapore after his condition reportedly worsened. The court had reportedly given the green light for Gasim to travel.

However a top party official told Avas that Gasim had been held at the airport saying that the travel ban had not been lifted. He has since been taken to the privately run ADK hospital in the capital Male.

The trial was scheduled after prosecutors, on Wednesday, re-filed charges against opposition Jumhoory Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim, two days after the Criminal Court dismissed the case.

The business magnate had three separate charges levied against him, which include, conspiring to overthrow the government, attempting to bribe government lawmakers ahead of the censure motion against parliament speaker Abdullah Maseeh in late March, and undue influence on a state official.