Chef Fatheen: The master of seasoning

Senior sous chef from Bandos Maldives Ahmed Fatheen has been crowned the winner of Master Of Seasoning - a culinary competition hosted by Unilever Food Solutions collaborating with Bestbuy Maldives Pvt Ltd (BBM).

Master Of Seasoning was a competition "schematized by professional chefs at Unilever Food Solutions to the talented chefs around the world, where they had to work around with Knorr Chicken Stock Powder and bring their dishes to life."

Knorr is acclaimed as the world's number one savory product.

This is the first time marking Maldivian chefs taking part in the competition - which comes from the efforts of BBM, including the companies honcho Mohamed Mazloom.

The culinary competition criteria was to prepare a chicken based dish from Knorr Chicken Stock Powder.

A total of 9 finalists from Maldives was shortlisted by the executive chef for Maldives and Sri Lanka, Chef Saman Wijeratne. Fatheen, was included among the finalists.

The senior sous chef from Bandos Maldives emerged glorious with his dish "Trio Of Meats", and claimed over 1000 votes in his favor in the competition. The votes were counted by a third party organization appointed to uphold the transparency and validity of the results.

Mr. Fatheen's win has ensured a place in the prestigious culinary master class held in Dubai by City and Guilds London - "the leading skills development organization helping individuals develop their talents and abilities for career progression."

His entry into the culinary master class will be marked in history as this is the first time ever for a Maldivian talent receiving the honor in taking part in this world renowned platform where chefs from across the globe will be interacting to discuss food and dishes.

"Unilever Food Solutions along with Bestbuy Maldives Pvt Ltd would like to thank all the participants for their support and looking forward for a greater engagement with the chef’s community through our world class products and services in Maldives."