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Superstar Bachchan cancels Maldives trip

While the reason is unclear, some believe the B-Town legend and Goodwill Ambassador to WHO cancelled his trip over rising tension in political ground at Maldives.

Goodwill Ambassador of World Health Organization (WHO) and acting legend Amithabh Bachchan has cancelled his planned trip to Maldives to attend the 70th South East Asia conference hosted by WHO.

The B-Town superstar was slated to arrive in Maldives around the early hours on Thursday. However the Sarkar actor confirmed he won't be attending the WHO-led conference due to health conditions.

Bachchan was scheduled to deliver his speech regarding Hepatitis - which he has actively countered through social media and television snippets - at the WHO conference which kicked off on Wednesday at Paradise Island Resort.

At the time when news of Bachchan's imminent visit to Maldives became public several lawmakers representing the opposition took to Twitter to launch a campaign calling out to the actor to cancel his visit.

South Galolhu constituency lawmaker Ahmed Mahloof tweeted stating the leaders of opposition are locked behind bars while civil rights towards citizens under Maldivian Constitution has been stripped considerably.

The B-Town superstar had previously visited Maldives twice.

މި ލިޔުމަށް 48 ގަޑި އިރު ވެފައިވާތީ ކޮމެންޓުކުރުމުގެ ފުރުސަތެއް ނެތް. މާފުކުރައްވާ!
  • munady

    the "we" that mr Ali is saying dose not include majority of maldivens that likes Mr.Amithabh Bachchan, no we hold the whole public accountable for the actions of a goverment. we are Maldivians and we know how different the people and the actions of a goverment can be . we had a dictator for 30 years .

  • Ali

    We prefer not to welcome anyone from a country who supports killing of innocent muslims. Specially the likes of Modi.


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