Ex-Prez Maumoon satires the current govt. as "political comedy"

Former president of Maldives Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has tickled spectators' funny bones on Saturday night when he characterized the incumbent government as a contemporary comedy, which has ceased lawful conduct and constitutional practice.

Speaking during opposition rally at Maafannu Kunoozu - prime rendezvous point for anti-government politicians and members - Gayoom panned the state for gross misconduct and misuse of power and authority. He also highlighted the current government has transitioned into an autocratic dictatorship breaching the constitution as well as disobeying legislature; Supreme Court rulings unheeded by Government repeatedly as he points out.

Gayoom shared anecdotes over recent political turnouts in mock fashion as he pointed that while an ordinary joe is unable to submit letters and such after 14:00hrs on weekdays to government offices while Qasim Ibrahim's trial sentencing took place at midnight; court was opened at 01:15hrs for the trial verdict.

He also ridiculed the ongoing trial of Faris Maumoon for which his son was initially tried for grafting several lawmakers of parliament; over the no-confidence motion of parliament speaker Abdullah Maseeh. However after probe, the Dhiggaru constituency lawmaker was tried for accepting bribe.

The former president parted his wisdom as he stated any action violating the constitutional or lawful conduct would not prolong.

Parliament speaker Abdullah Maseeh Mohamed was heavily panned by the former president who said the speaker had lost credibility while any rulings initiated by him would be declared void. Gayoom also criticized the legislative body stating most of the courts have been compromised as well.

The former president challenged the authority of government stating the opposition will not be pushed to intimidation over their efforts for a reformed state - in fact any oppressing from the government would result in a stronger resolve by the opposition.