Blogger murder case proceeds in discretion

Criminal Court has decided to proceed with the murder case of famed blogger and social media activist Yameen Rasheed who was hacked to death at the stairwell of his apartment building on April, in discretion.

Initial hearings over the seven suspects who are prosecuted by the state over Rasheed's murder was tabled for public entrance - slated for 14:00hrs on Sunday. However Criminal Court has concluded the hearings will proceed in full discretion upon request from Prosecutor General.

Maldives Police Service suspects Ismail Rasheed, Maafannu Thaaif, Ismail Haisham Rasheed, Henveiru Annaarumaage and Ahmed Zihan Ismail, Maafannu Iraasmik to be directly involved in killing the blogger - who was discovered in a pool of blood with more than 20 stab wounds to his body.

Four other suspects were apprehended along with the three main apparent culprits, who have been believed to be linked to the gruesome murder.

Blogger Yameen Rasheed, who ran a satirical blog by the name "The Daily Panic" was under scrutiny and intimidation from several unknown individuals and groups who had threatened the social media activist.

His family claims that Rasheed had lodged several complains at Maldives Police Service regarding death threats he received. However his family criticized authorities for their negligence.

A Maldives Stock Exchange employ, who was working on a project left office at the early hours of April 22. He had contacted some of his companions and peers on social media platforms earlier to his leave from office.

However upon reaching his apartment building, Rasheed was cornered by masked assailants who directed stab after stab using sharp implements before fleeing the bloodied writer to die.

Yameen Rasheed died on his way to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital when locals had discovered him lying at the stairwell of the building. Shortly after Rasheed's demise, several individuals and entities questioned the safety of civilians while criticized the harrowing limitations on freedom of expression.