MVR 100K worth video competition showcasing pristine Maldives

Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) has launched a video competition to showcase the pristine beauty of Maldives.

Named "Adventure Of Maldives" the video competition would run to a month's duration opened for everyone was kick-started by the acting Managing Director of MMPRC Haris Mohamed said the aim of the competition is to broadcast and create an outreach to Maldivians and international platforms, presenting the essence of "Maldivian stories" through captivating videos of its beauty.

A clever initiative which will help Maldives to push towards gaining a larger audience and hopeful tourism market through advertising.

Speaking during Tuesday's inaugural ceremony, the acting MD highlighted the inclusive nature of the competition stating "the competition is not only for tourists or visitors of Maldives. Maldivians are also welcome and they can take part by producing and presenting vivid and brilliant videos showcasing the pristine condition of Maldives."

He also praised the lucrative business aspect of such a competition stating the "Adventure Of Maldives" video competition is a perfect approach in brand marketing to an international platform.

Videos submitted under the competition should have a running length of one minute.

"Adventure Of Maldives" is a month long competition getting due on October 12. Participants will be granted opportunity to upload video and acquire votes on them, while a specifically selected judges panel involving top-tier creative minds of Maldives would evaluate the videos before selecting the first place.

The winner will receive a prize of USD 6,500 (MVR 100,230) upon placing first from the competition.

The top place holder will be announced on December 2017, while videos can be submitted on MMPRC's website.

Six Senses Laamu holds the honor as main sponsor to the event.