World Travel Writers' Conference on September 17

Maldives TV has taken initiative in hosting the "World Travel Writers' Conference" in an attempt to boost tourism sectors and increase scope of business investment.

The conference will be held on September 17 and 18 at Bandos Island Resort and Kan'dinma Resort.

Speaking about the conference, the Director of Marketing and E-Commerce of Public Service Media (PSM), Ibrahim Nasreen highlighted the mutual interest shared between locals to promote the country's tourism to a broader market; he stated the conference will elevate the chances of thrusting the exposure of Maldivian tourism and its business opportunities through mitigated discussions between global writers and seek concepts to publicize and market the tourism.

The conference will be participated by writers, photographers and video bloggers who will discuss and study best approaches in countering the obstacles and challenges in the industry. Nasreen believes the conference will help to bring significant changes into the tourism sector.

Public Service Media had signed agreements with associating partners to host the conference, on Wednesday night.

Maldives TV is partnering with prominent brands like Adaaran, Coco, Bandos, MACL, Hotel Jen, Qatar Airlines along with Tourism Ministry and Economic Ministry. Several high-profile corporations like MATI, Maldives Getaways, Liveaboard Association of Maldives with government entities like Maldives Customs, Immigration are included in the event.

Other partners include Maldives Insider, MV Hotels, Viva Private Limited and Print Lab Maldives.