Parliament gives nod to environment protocol participation

Maldivian parliament has given the go ahead to partake in the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol on Monday.

Monday's sitting proceeded as usual with the opposition's angry and loud tirade and protests where the only item on agenda was vote casting for the environment protocol. The session had hearing of National Security Committee's assessment report on the protocol which was then followed by voting to participate in it.

The committee's report had concluded citing the importance of the Kigali Amendment and the Maldivian inclusion in it.

In Monday's session the only parliamentarian who deliberated over the bill during time slot opened for discussion was the parliamentary group leader of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Vilimale' constituency lawmaker Ahmed Nihan Hussain Manik.

During the time he was assigned to deliberate, MP Hussain Manik had focused on the importance of including Maldives in the protocol and its possible benefits. He had also widely criticized the opposition's attempt at intervention during the session and called them out as disruptive.

The Vilimale' member had also stated the opposition's protest over an environment related issue would be etched into history as a shameful act.

The parliamentary group leader had also affirmed undeterred resolve of pro-government members in their attempt and commitment towards the Maldivian progress.

In his speech, Hussain Manik had criticized the self exiled former president Mohamed Nasheed whose only environment related stint was the publicity stunt of holding an underwater cabinet meeting.

Post deliberation, the parliament had called for vote on the bill. Out of the 45 lawmakers present in Monday's session, only 28 had voted and all had cast votes in favor of partaking in the protocol.

Since the third term had commenced opposition had refrained from casting vote over any bills presented and was the same during Monday's session as well.