Maldives rests atop Destination Satisfaction Index

Maldives has 'battled' with several hospitality destinations to land top spot globally in several categories of a new Destination Satisfaction Index (DSI) for the concluded period of May to August 2017.

Maldives had an average score of 8.8 on the index which was developed by Norstat and dp2research. The index contains 20 important factors that are used in order to generate a detailed overview of any given travel destination. Among the factors considered include the KPIs of safety, accommodation and during summer seasons, beaches.

Safety wise, no other destination of the world came close to Maldives which held an index value of 9.4 while the closest European destination was Austria with a score of 8.9 and similarly Maldives landed top spot in accommodation with an index score of 9.4 once again.

Falling closely behind in this category was Abu Dhabi with 9.2 and the Bahamas with 9.0 while the highest European country to score in this category was Cyprus with 8.7 while 8.6 was scored equally by Turkey Portugal and Austria.

Speaking about the holidaymakers importance on assessing safety, CEO of dp2search, Dennis Pyka said "it is striking that holidaymakers perceive significantly higher levels of safety in remote destinations, islands and other resorts with a media image publicising their rigid security policy than they do in other, equally popular destinations."

Maldives also boasts with a winning reputation of scoring 77 out of 100 from the survey landing the top spot while the closest European country was Montenegro with a score of 56.