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DRP leader purchases residence at West London-UK

Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) leader Mohamed Nasheed (Colonel) has purchased a residence in a prominent location in London, UK for 2.8 million Sterling Pounds.

The Ambassador of Maldives at Thailand, Nasheed told Avas his purchase of residence from West London came through profits made by his resorts shares and stressed the transaction was not discreet.

Nasheed also mentioned the purchase of residence from a foreign land is not a crime or an offense and he does not see why it should be directed with scrutiny or media attention. He also said he does not hold any government position which would facilitate him to exploit government finances or funding so the room for corruption does not come to question.

The DRP leader has shares in the resort operated at Lhaviyani atoll Kanifushi by Atmosphere brand.

މި ލިޔުމަށް 48 ގަޑި އިރު ވެފައިވާތީ ކޮމެންޓުކުރުމުގެ ފުރުސަތެއް ނެތް. މާފުކުރައްވާ!
  • Henry

    Corrupted politcian nothing worth

  • Hassan Waheed

    This chap was just another Dhivehi teacher in Dharumavantha School a few years back. Jumping up and down for democracy and now you see this guy backing one of the ruthless despots the region has ever witnessed. I mean who the heck is he to be made the Maldivian Ambassador designated to Thailand! And now you hear, this man purchasing a property in West London! I am not surprised!

  • Ibbe

    Why so salty? Does he not have the right to use the money he earned through shares and work? You sound extremely biased and jealous.


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