Manhunt on missing Maldives woman from Maduvvari

The islanders of Raa atoll Maduvvari has initiated a full-scale manhunt to trace one of their own who had gone missing abruptly.

Council authorities confirmed the missing individual to be one Aminath Shaba, 19, Koadhu of the island. Abdulla Ahmed, head of the island's council corroborated the news to Avas Online and added that the people and authorities in the island have commenced a joint search party to discover the missing woman.

Upon being questioned if the search has extended over the surrounding lagoon and sea, Ahmed responded that they had received information of the woman present within the island.

"We have received information that she is still on the island. She had apparently texted one of her friends," Ahmed said.

The island council president suspects the missing woman was in hiding while no further comments were available from authorities regarding the matter.