Catch a glance of World Cup trophy at Galolhu Stadium!

Maldivian football lovers and enthusiasts alike can catch the sight of the original FIFA World Cup trophy at Galolhu Stadium on Wednesday night.

The trophy is bestowed on the winning team of ultimate football tournament; FIFA World Cup - that sees the national football teams across the globe fighting off one another on the field to claim the prestigious title.

The World Cup Trophy Tour is organized by FIFA in association with Coca-Cola, which would see the trophy heading to multiple destinations for spectators and fans to catch a glimpse of it and possibly take memorable clicks with it.

FIFA World Cup trophy will arrive in Maldives at the estimated time of 18:00hrs on Wednesday and will be on display for the visitors from 19:00hrs onward at the national stadium or otherwise known as Galolhu Stadium.

The trophy will be put on display on Thursday morning at 07:00hrs at 'Kulhivaru Ekuveni' (Sports Arena) - Maafannu.

The World Cup Trophy Tour kicked-off at Moscow, Russia the host country for the international football competition in 2018.

Started in September 9, 2017 the trophy made it to fifteen different cities of the host country before it trekked its way into Europe - the World Cup trophy was put on display at London, England as well.

FIFA has organized the tour with 50 different countries listed to receive the trophy for spectator viewing before it heads back to Russia prior to the tournament kick-off.

Last world cup took place fours year ago on 2014 with Germany emerging as the winners pushing Argentina as the runner-ups.

The global football competition will once again take place in 2018 with many of the same teams of the last tournament making their appearances with hopes of claiming the title once again. One of the noteworthy omissions for this year's tournament is the European monolith Italy who saw their way out the field during the qualifiers.

Traditionally the original trophy is kept at the FIFA museum in Zurich, Switzerland. It is given to the champion team during the celebrations after the final game of the World Cup for a brief period, after which it is swapped with a gold-plated duplicate which the winning team takes home.