Maldives Police enters MP Faris' residence

Maldives Police Service has entered the residence of Dhiggaru constituency lawmaker Ahmed Faris Maumoon's residence, Maafannu Snow-Rose under a court warrant.

Police authority had accessed the controversy-laden parliamentarian's residence at a time when his elder sister, Yumna Maumoon has claimed of the state conspiring and using police force to arrest Faris Maumoon a second time.

Meanwhile rumors had also spread that a court warrant has been issued to arrest MP Maumoon.

Avas Online reporters present on-site of Faris Maumoon's residence's vicinity reported that his father, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is also presented at the venue while police is conducting their inspection.

While his residence is currently being searched by authorities, Faris Maumoon has claimed he was informed by Commissioner of Police Ahmed Areef of incumbent President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's order to arrest him once again.

In a press conference Faris Maumoon spoke to local media and reporters stating that Police Commissioner personally warned him about President Yameen's intentions and his instructions to influential political elites to see the arrest through.

Earlier on Saturday news had spread of the apparent resignation of Police Commissioner Ahmed Areef, which had since been rebuked by Police authority.

Court had reasoned the issue of search warrant due to Faris Maumoon's possible involvement in an alleged conspiracy by opposition to topple the government.

Authorities claim that the search is being conducted to inspect for possible evidence or documents related to the said conspiracy.

The court order to search and inspect MP Maumoon's residence lasts 12 hours.

Lawmaker Maumoon claims this as a politically motivated move to incarcerate him once again using power and influence. His references were directed towards uncle and incumbent President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, who according to Maumoon personally ordered the arrest of the lawmaker once again - to ascertain he was removed from political power-play.

Maldives Police Service is currently inspecting both MP Maumoon and former President Gayoom's residences, which according to the latter is a violation of the issued court order.

"Faris do not have a room or any of his personal belongings in Endherimaage (Gayoom's Male' residence) since he lives off separately. But despite our constant reiteration they (Police) had forced themselves into our residence as well," Gayoom said.

Police Service had confirmed, on late afternoon of Saturday, Faris Maumoon was arrested for his alleged involvement to overthrow the government, for which he will be tried at court presumably.