Ex-VP and co. join Maldives business tycoon's political party

Former vice president under incumbent president Abdulla Yameen's administration along with former youth minister and VP's close friend all join Qasim Ibrahim's Jumhooree Party on Saturday night.

At a special ceremony held at Germany where Qasim Ibrahim resides currently - who flew there earlier seeking medical attention - the first vice president of Yameen's administration Dr. Mohamed Jameel was flanked by the former youth minister Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal and Jameel's close friend former minister of President's Office Abdulla Ameen had signed up to the business tycoon Qasim Ibrahim's political party.

Former vice president who had been the running mate of incumbent president Abdulla Yameen during the 2013 elections was abruptly removed from held responsibilities following which he had self-exiled himself to London, UK.

Both Jamaal and Ameen has been known for their unwavering loyalty towards Jameel, who had took their stand behind the former VP when he held the designation and immediately resigned from their respective responsibilities following Jameel's termination.

The famous Maldives business tycoon, Qasim Ibrahim who is the founder Villa Group, has injected fresh impetus in enforcing Jumhooree Party. Recently the former home minister Umar Naseer had pledged his allegiance to Ibrahim's party and promised to assist in every manner to propagate JP leader for presidency.