Gayoom 'uncooperative' to unlawful probing; says lawyer

Former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's lawyers had claimed the jailed leader will not cooperate with authorities in their investigation since his arrest is unconstitutional.

Gayoom's advocate Maumoon Hameed on Saturday morning at a press conference shared a message from the former president asserting that the former believes he is being arbitrarily detained in violation to constitution and rules and therefore will not cooperate with authorities in their investigation.

"He [Gayoom] has reiterated he would not cooperate with an unlawful investigation since his arrest itself has been unconstitutional and there is room for authorities to claim that their conduct is legit, he has said that authorities have stripped his rights and are treating him in a torturing demeanor.

"He also said that he will start cooperating as soon as authorities conduct constitutionally and lawfully otherwise he would continue with his current approach," Hameed spoke on behalf of his client, Gayoom.

Hameed noted that Gayoom's transfer from Dhoonidhoo prison to Maafushi and back to Dhoonidhoo once again was unlawful, adding his detention itself can be ruled out as unlawful.

Furthermore Hameed stressed the former president was undeterred in the cause of reform-work to make necessary changes to the current administration.

Gayoom had also addressed on possible dangers to judges since both Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and top-court judge Ali Hameed had been arrested, adding he is aware that a trial may proceed against him without any constitutional basis to it.