Jumhoory Party deputy alleged in govt oust plot

Jumhoory Party deputy leader and former police commissioner Abdulla Riyaz has been alleged by the state for involvement in a plot to overthrow a constitutional government.

Riyaz who also holds designation as a parliamentary member representing Kin'bidhoo constituency was questioned for the first time after 12 days elapsed since he was arrested under the state of emergency, his advocate Nooruh-Salaam Aboobakur confirmed.

He is questioned by authorities for the alleged involvement with opposition to topple the incumbent state and its president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Riyaz is charged with attempt to overthrow government by inciting civil unrest and provoking an uprising on March 2.

The deputy JP leader denies allegations made on him stating he had participated and called out for a peaceful demonstration on the date in question. His advocate asserted the lawmaker had also detailed under state of emergency political parties were allowed to hold peaceful protests until 22:30hrs and the demonstration on March 2 had not breached any regulations as well.

Apart from attempt to overthrow the government the Kin'bidhoo MP is also tried for attempting to extract information from officers of Maldives Police Service through social media platforms related to sensitive cases. He is also alleged with influencing authorities over ongoing investigations.

Earlier he was also tried for interrupting an officer on duty when he denied revealing the access codes to his smartphone. The case had since been shelved after authorities had failed to prove the incident.

Riyaz is also included in the dozen 'rebel' lawmakers for an act of intervening officers on duty and from fulfilling their responsibilities. The case relates to the July 24, 2017 incident when members of the opposition had attempted to enter the parliament premises after the place was cordoned off by security forces.