New Radiant secures top spot, Ashfaq's response

New Radiant capped a 4-1 victory against United Victory in STO Male' League on Monday night's game.

With this win New Radiant managed to emerge victorious in four of their games played accumulating 10 points on scoreboard; thus securing the top spot.

Within five minutes into the game the first goal was secured by Spaniard Guillem Mati, for New Radiant. Ali Ashfaq's (Dhagan'dey) neatly catapulted ball from the corner was squeezed into the top corner of the net by Mati - making it his first goal for the team.

Mati went on to strike another goal during 30 minutes into the game taking the score to 2-0. Ashfaq passed down the ball to Mati after managing to make his way past Victory's defense, which was easily dealt into the back of the net.

The final two goals for New Radiant on Monday night's game was secured by Ali Ashfaq - the star player of Maldives football and the most iconic member of the national football team - who received some lambasting from the current national team coach Peter Segett.

According to Segett's recent comments about the player who has scored an astounding 400+ goals in his career, the national team coach said Ashfaq had lost his peak and his performance was slowly waning off.

Monday night's game thus became Ashfaq's response to the criticism he was directed with as the player managed to place New Radiant's third and fourth goal during 50th minute of the game and in 80th minute respectively.

The only goal for United Victory came roughly a few minutes after Ashfaq managed to cap the fourth goal to New Radiant. The UV's only goal was an unfortunate attempt to stop the attack by Radiant's goalie Imran.

Though New Radiant took control of almost the entire game and had kept ball possession in their favor, the team's assistant coach Ashraf Luthfee (Sampath) was not amused by their performance. Sampath had wished the team to play a fast paced game but Monday night's game was a slow one much to the chagrin of the assistant coach.