Appreciation key to civil service performance, says VP

Appreciating the work of civil servants will improve their performance, vice president Abdulla Jihad said Saturday pointing out that the government's recent decision to provide salary increments to civil servants was a way of appreciating their work.

Speaking during the opening ceremony of 'Civil Service Conference 2018' held on Saturday in the capital Male, the VP highlighted the challenges being faced in the public service sector of the Maldives.

In this regard, the Vice President stated that the Civil Service Commission should always continue to work on enhancing the services provided to the public, by utilizing the latest technologies available in this globalized world.

He further stated that this would in turn enable the Civil Service Commission to cater to the needs of the public, and be able to be in line with development.

Shedding light on the major setbacks faced by the public, the Vice President highlighted the importance of formulating a policy to recruit employees based on their competency and capability. He also underlined that this was one of the major themes to be addressed at this year’s Civil Service Conference.

Moreover, the Vice President shed light on the importance of incorporating and utilizing technology and minimizing paper work in providing the services to the people residing in all the islands across the country.

Furthermore, Vice President Jihad emphasized on the importance to put aside their political differences and always remember that as civil servants they are providing public services on behalf of the administration in office at the time.