Coastguard finds a t-shirt in search for missing teens

Coastguard has found a t-shirt believed to be of one of the two teens who are missing since Saturday afternoon in the southernmost Atoll Addu's Hithadhoo island.

Three teenage boys were out swimming when they were caught in a strong current.

One of the boys was saved by a man with special needs who was at the beach along with two women.

Hassan Didi - a mute was alerted to the cries for help by two women who were at the beach at the time. Didi had immediately jumped in but had only managed to save one of the boys while the other two were swept away to sea.

"The women had called others for help. A short-while later the coastguard came and started the search for the missing boys. We had really bad weather with strong waves. Only one of the boys got caught in the current at first. The other two went to help," a local resident told AVAS.

Coastguard has now searched three nautical miles by air and sea for the missing boys aged 14 and 17 but they are yet to be found. But coastguard had found a t-shirt believed to be of one of the two teens was found late Saturday.

The teen who was rescued by Didi continues to be treated at the Hithadhoo regional hospital.