New Radiant all 'set and game' against Bengaluru FC

New Radiant Sports Club's captain Akram Abdul Ghanee has said his team was fully 'set and game' for the AFC Cup match on Wednesday against Bengaluru FC, India.

Though New Radiant's roster is ready to head against Bengaluru FC, their Afghani defender Amiri won't make the play due to suspension from previous game.

The team's captain, who also holds its defense along with Amiri said that key player's suspension would not affect its overall performance as they have been preparing for all case scenarios.

"A player's exclusion from the game would not hinder us, we have been preparing for this in our routines and our coach had been supervising us for situations exactly like this. We are prepared to cover all over angles, captain Akram said, adding "we will put our best effort and hopefully take home a win from Wednesday's game."

He also said the team is going down to the field on Wednesday's game after amending their previous mistakes at Bengaluru FC's home game.

"We had played a very different and difficult game back at Bangalore, and we saw the difference from just a single player," Akram said.

"But we have since learned from our mistakes and have corrected the weak links in our team's formation. We are aiming to play a neat game on Wednesday."