New Radiant pulls victory with 2-0 against Bengaluru FC

New Radiant Sports Club's captain Ali Ashfaq has praised his squad for a phenomenal performance during Wednesday's game against India's powerhouse Bengaluru FC.

The popular footballer's team, New Radiant managed a win against Bengaluru FC with a score of 2-0.

It had not been an entirely smooth run for New Radiant as their earlier defeat in the hands of Bengaluru back at the latter's home stadium with a 1-0 was the first game lost in eight months.

After that, their winning streak back home ended when New Radiant faced defeat against Victory Sports Club in Male' League.

In spite of their recent failures, the team took the field in great spirit and its players showed visible signs of improvement; most of all teamwork.

The strategy and coaching of Oscar Buruzon Barreras worked well as New Radiant managed their win in Wednesday's game.

The game's first goal was scored by Ali Fasir from an assist by Ali Ashfaq. The second goal of the game came earlier in second half when a mistake from Bengaluru FC proved disastrous to them as star-player Ashfaq managed to squeeze through their defense line and shoot the ball straight to the opponent's net.