Chief justice, top-court judge sentencing hearing on Thur

Court has scheduled sentencing hearings for Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Supreme Court judge Ali Hameed on Thursday afternoon.

Both are being prosecuted for the alleged coercion and misuse of authority to impede legal conduct by a government authority.

Trial hearings for the duo with the case summary report ended in Tuesday and the sentencing was scheduled for 16:00hrs on Wednesday afternoon. However the sentencing hearing was then pushed back to 19:00hrs and later again to 20:00hrs with the court announcing the hearing to proceed openly.

Minutes away from the sentencing top-court judge Ali Hameed was immediately rushed to hospital for medical emergency due to breathing difficulties. He was kept at emergency room of Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) till late hours of Wednesday night.

At 23:00hrs on Wednesday night court had announced the hearing was rescheduled for Thursday 14:00hrs. Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed was already at the court awaiting his hearing.

State is presenting confidential evidences along with several court documents against chief justice and top-court judge Hameed. Both are tried for oppressing court judges to influence rulings and sentences.

Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed is charged with multiple offenses apart from influencing court judges to engineer outcomes. He is also charged with obstructing the duty of a government official and accepting bribery.

Both chief justice and top-court judge Ali Hameed are also prosecuted for their involvement in an act of terrorism related to the February 1 apex court order; devised as a ploy to overthrow the government.