Top-court judge Hameed discharged after treatment

Supreme Court judge Ali Hameed who was rushed to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) due to breathing difficulties on Wednesday afternoon while awaiting his trial's sentencing hearing has been discharged from hospital after treatment.

Hameed along with his colleague Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed are prosecuted for oppressing court judges to influence court orders and rulings was rushed in the afternoon when he collapsed at the court premises.

His sentencing hearing was scheduled for 19:30hrs on Wednesday evening however due to the sudden change of circumstances and his treatment due in uncertainty the court had rescheduled his hearing for Thursday afternoon at 14:00hrs.

An official from IGMH who spoke with Avas Online had assured the top-court judge was discharged from the hospital sometime in the morning of Thursday.

Hameed who was immediately arrested after president Abdulla Yameen's proclamation of a state of emergency on February 5 following the top-court order on February 1 citing release of nine political prisoners, had been previously admitted to hospital for medical checkup since his apprehension.

According to the judge, he had slipped from the staircase at the Supreme Court premises on the night he was apprehended by authorities and since then he has been facing difficulties to walk.

The trial on both chief justice Saeed and judge Hameed had continued behind closed doors however the court has decided to continue sentencing hearing openly.