New asphalt road, Izzuddeen Magu opens

The capital city of Maldives - Male' - has long since had bricks laid on its roads to replace the earth underneath it which proves difficult for several vehicles to transport. After part of Boduthakurufaanu Magu was laid with asphalt Housing Ministry has officially opened the adjoined Izzuddeen Magu freshly laid with asphalt.

Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu confirmed the road was officially opened for transportation through a tweet he made on Tuesday morning.

While Izzuddeen Magu has opened for public transportation Housing Ministry is currently carrying out the Ring-Road project to create a possible four-lane road starting from Hulhumale' ferry terminal reaching to the bridge end at Male'. Similarly the project also would see the asphalt laid from Male' Industrial Village at the south-west end reaching to the bridge at the south-east end.