More suspected drugs wash up amid public concern

More packets suspected to be drugs have washed ashore at another island in Haa Alif Atoll from what is believed to be from the vessel that ran aground a nearby reef on Thursday adding to public concern over the lack of containment by the authorities.

The packets first started washing up on Uligamu Island, closest to the reef where the boat had run aground. Now, neighbouring Molhadhoo island had also reported that similar packets had washed up on its beach early Saturday.

An island resident told AVAS that the packets had been found on the beach by two young girls which he said remains a cause for concern for island residents.

The crew set fire and jumped overboard in a bid to escape after their boat ran aground on the Innafinolhu reef in Haa Alif Atoll early Thursday.

The boat now identified as an Iranian vessel had been spotted by local fishermen who had notified the coastguard. However, as the coastguard vessel approached, the crew had reportedly set the boat on fire and jumped over board to escape.

The eight crew had been picked up by the coastguard and have now been handed over to the police.

Police confirmed that the vessel may have been carrying drugs and were looking inside the part of the boat that had not been damaged in the fire.