The Prosecutor General's Office Drops Charges Against Iranians Arrested in a Drug Bust

The Prosecutor General has made the decision not to seek charges against the Iranian nationals caught earlier this year with drugs aboard a foreign vessel.

The boat was assisted by MNDF while it was drifting off ADh. Manadhoo in November. The boat was later searched by MNDF and the police after reports of a foreign vessel trespassing on the Maldivian waters were received. Drugs were found aboard the vessel and drug tests on the crew members came back positive.

The seven people aboard the vessel were arrested and taken to the Criminal Court to set a remand period. However, the court released them on bail with conditions when it was posted by Shaheeb Ibrahim of Ga. Villingili.

The Prosecutor General appealed the Criminal Court's decision at the High Court. Although the court is currently in recess, a hearing was scheduled for Tuesday due to the nature of the case.

However, the hearing is canceled as the Prosecutor General has dropped the charges against the seven individuals, said the High Court. The reason why the Prosecutor General decided not to pursue charges is unclear.

When the case first surfaced in early November, the Prosecutor General was Aishath Bisham. While it was decided to drop the charges, the Prosecutor General is recently appointed Hussain Shameem.

Iranian boats trespassing in the Maldivian waters with drugs have been caught in the past as well. In one instance, 70 kilograms of drugs were found aboard a vessel. 13 people were arrested in connection to the case, which includes seven locals.